sábado, 12 de enero de 2008

"Ostia", el nuevo video de Sepultura de su álbum "Dante XXI"

Este ultimo video fué filmado en São Paulo, Brasil y el vídeo adapta "La divina comedia" (escrita por Dante Alighieri) a los días actuales...

LYRICS - LETRA: Ostia/Sepultura

The skies are open before me
The crowd of souls in sudden flight
Hoping for prayers in the world

Late repentant, no stain from hell
I thought the worst had, I thought the worst had past
I will not trust what I can not see
None will have the time to strike a blow - the final blow

Hell - no stain from hell
Those fools are the ones we vote for
The kings and rules of negligence
Taking a nation to lead in decay
A shade announcing another law
Can not believe I couldn't escape
No chance to leave this plague
I have to be cleansed, from all the blame
The final blow!

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Anónimo dijo...

Sepultura no es de mis favoritos, pero es bueno, sin duda.
Awante el metal, eeee...
Salute !